This is the place where you can find out some information about me.

Let’s start with the basics…

My name: Gabriela ( I mean, it’s obvious, right?)

Age: I wasn’t carbon dated but I think I’m on the young side. #reference

Fan of: MCU ( obviously ), Miraculous Ladybug, TMNT, Ultimate Spider-man series ( maybe more but I can’t remember all of them right now )

I like: using Marvel references, writing stories, DIYs…

I dislike: having a creative blockade, running out of time…

Now Marvel…

Favourite superhero: Spider-man

3 reasons why I love Spidey: he’s always looking for the best in everyone, he never gives up, he gives everyone a second chance

Favourite antagonist ( not villain ): Loki

3 reasons why I love Loki: he’s relatable, charming in one way, he’s mysterious

Favourite MCU movie: don’t have it yet because they are all great

Favourite reference: Currently? “Is he though?”

Marvel inspired me a lot and that’s why I made this blog. I also made this blog because I hope Marvel guys will notice me and give me an interview with Avengers cast. I know chances are low but you gotta keep hopin’, right?

Anyway, I hope you’ll like my work. If you have questions, write them in the comment section. Thank you đŸ’—

# Marvelfanforever

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