Valentine’s Day special – Love song

I was thinking about Valentine’s Day and I came up with a song. What’s interesting about this song is the fact I wrote it in English first so this is my first English song ever! I am so excited to present it to you! Enjoy this day lovebirds!

red heart shaped ornament
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Love problems


I know my knight won’t come

But will I be able to overcome:

The fact he’s not gonna be my handsome knight

Although, his eyes might be as dark as night?

The fact his name won’t be Prince Charming

And he’s not gonna always call me “Darling”?

The fact he might be a bully

But will only be nice to me?

The fact he won’t always pay the bill

And that he might be on some pill?

The fact he will act like a bastard

When I don’t pass him the mustard?

The fact he will be just a little boy

Who only wants love and joy?

The fact he’ll never have time

To listen to not his problems, but mine?

The fact I could go on and on

With this topic into the unknown?

I accept the fact there’s no Prince Charming

Who would treat me as his Darling.

But don’t worry mom and dad,

I won’t let anyone make me sad!

I am strong, I am bold.

No one can put me on hold!

And you, my future boyfriend,

I would love to be your girlfriend!

But if you do me harm

Our romance will lose its charm.

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