12 days of Christmas blogging – Day 9 – Do you really need that much food?

It’s holiday season and friends and family are coming on Christmas breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You want to show them that you have a lot to offer. There is so much food on the table. But when the guests leave, you are left with (again) so much food. No one’s gonna eat that anymore so you have to trow it away. But do you really need to do that? Do you? Do you?! The answer is quite simple: NOPE.

fried egg beside bread platter
Photo by Emrah Tolu on Pexels.com

How about you don’t make that much food? You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. Pretending you’re wealthy enough to have enough food to feed an army – that’s a stupid new tradition from commercials and movies. All those children in Africa don’t have food for holidays or any other day and you’re baking too much just so you can show your cousin that you have more than him/her. What is wrong with you?!

If you really have so much leftovers, do one of the following things.

1. Freeze it

When you need a quick lunch unfreeze and eat.

2. Give it to the public kitchen

I really don’t know how you call it but it’s practically Caritas or a place for homeless people.

3. Give it to your guests

If your guests really liked the meal, offer them to take it with them. It’s as simple as that.

boy wearing blue shirt sitting on swing
Photo by Git Stephen Gitau on Pexels.com

Don’t try to look good in someone else’s eyes, there’s no point. Hungry children in Africa don’t care about your wealth!

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